Mega Man X First Armor

For the first update of 2012, Bass Abyss introduces the Mega Man X First Armor.

The Mega Man X First Armor

The First Armor made its debut in the original Mega Man X for Super Nintendo in 1993. As a fan of the series from those early years, it has always been my goal to have this armor playable in one of my games and finally it is here


Here are some screenshots not only showcasing the armor but also its magnificent Charge Shot.

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Hmmm, how late am I?

Quite late I guess!

Well, we’ll have to settle with a video of my current progress.

Merry Christmas!

More new levels

Alright, guys, I was holding back this update for Bass Abyss until I was sure everything was working correctly. It was absolutely worth it. Scorpion has finished four new Custom Levels and once more I’m quite impressed with the length, detail, and beauty of many of them. New tiles, new backgrounds, new music, and even a boss battle!

Let’s cut to the chase and enjoy some screenshots.

Factor 10 – Scorpion’s Laboratory

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Giga Crush!

September already? Oh well, this took longer than I expected, but I ran into some bugs while preparing this update of Bass Abyss, so I fixed them.

The Giga Crush is a special attack of Mega Man X’s Second Armor that damages all the enemies on screen.

Gameplay details

I didn’t really have the time to study in detail the original Giga Crush mechanics from Mega Man X2. So I just went with some simple rules.

Everyime you get hit, the Giga Crush gauge loads a bit. Once fully loaded, you can use it. The way to check the current level or use it is to switch to it, as another weapon. For this use the DELETE, PAGE DOWN keys.

Now, it took me a while to get used to it. Out of habit, I kept pausing the game expecting to see the X2 Weapon Screen to check the status of the Giga Crush gauge. This got me thinking, it would be really nice to have it. But well, I did no have the time to do it. I really don’t have any plans to add any more weapons anyway, so I decided against it.

Now I’ll take it easy and keep fixing bugs before I release the Level Editor. Be sure to blast everyone to oblivion with this weapon. This version does work on bosses! Have fun!

Levels! Lots of new custom levels!

This update is packed with a lot of new custom levels for Bass Abyss.

The new Room functionality was a success. And while I haven’t published the new Level Editor, during these days I’ve been working with Scorpion and Hunter, explaining to them the new features and helping them to create new levels. The results are amazing! Long, challenging, and fun levels, making extensive use of Rooms and Activators. There are several new tilesets and enemies too!

As usual, they manage to push the engine to its limits. Usually, they manage to expose bugs and I fix them right away so the game is now even faster than before.

To play these levels, just go to the Custom Level section and browse the level list!

Ok, here are some screenshots:

Factor 6 – Insylum by Scorpion

Factor 7 – Tirociri by Scorpion

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Bass Abyss 1.0 – Mega Man X Giga Armor

My previous update already described a lot of the new content released in this one, so if you don’t want to wait anymore go play Bass Abyss now!

For more details of this update and interesting tidbits, just read on.

Mega Man X Giga Armor

Also known as the Second Armor. This armor appeared for the first time in 1994 in Mega Man X2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

I love that armor. I always loved the X2 Buster and its Double Charge Shot. Back in the day, I noticed it would do double damage to a boss if both shots connected. The image got imprinted in my mind forever.

Gameplay Details

From the character selection screen, just select X to access a new page where you can choose between base X and Giga Armor X.

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