Oops! You're missing out!

You should be seeing a game or movie here. But you are reading this, right? So, what happened?

Most likely your browser does not support Flash, or it is disabled. Flash is a plugin required to play Flash games, the engine used to run these games.

Here is a list of suggestions.

Mobile Device

Let's cut to the chase. If you are using a mobile device with IOS, Android or whatever, this game won't work. Please use a desktop computer.

Already on desktop? Keep reading.


Check if there is already a warning or popup somewhere in your browser window asking you to allow to run Flash. Just hit Allow.

Chrome and Edge

If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, there is a good chance you do have Flash support in your browser. You just have to allow it to run when prompted.

Details for Chrome are here.

For Microsoft Edge try here.

Anything else.

In this case I would just do a global Flash Player install and reload this page. Please click this button and follow the instructions to install Flash Player.

Download Flash Player


For Firefox you might need to do this.

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer check this.


I found instructions here.

Still no dice

Browser support for Flash varies among browsers and what was good today is completely broken the next week. I would suggest trying different browsers.

I used to maintain a FAQ section about game troubleshooting. You could take a look at it. The instructions here, however, are more actively maintained.

Unfortunately, Flash is a legacy technology and no browser will support it by the end of 2020. If that's the current date, there's your answer. Otherwise try to look up for guides on how to enable Flash on your browser and OS combination. That's how I gathered the links above. Good luck!

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