My name is Iván Rodríguez and I am the author of this website. I like to draw, write, read and code games. You may see some of my works signed as IRA.

This is a site for experimentation in many fields that I find interesting: art, illustrations, comics, programming, game development, etc. If I discover an activity that find interesting, probably I'll just start a new project to learn more from it, and publish the results here.

I've been publishing content since 1998 when I started with a little fan site called Fire Man Vive. As time went on, my interests and projects have shifted, but I always try to publish something that I find either useful, curious or funny. I also love feedback. Never underestimate the boost in motivation I might get when I receive some interesting insight or critique, so feel free to contact me at any time and send me your comments.

Here's a little summary of the content on this site.


Probably how it all began. When I scanned my artwork for the first time, I rushed to color it and publish it online. Now from time to time I try to publish a new illustration about something I like or find interesting.


I've always loved comics, and being able to publish something is always a joy. From comedy to drama, or action packed, there's probably something that you will enjoy. Some comics are based on Capcom's Mega Man games series, but of course completely unofficial.


I also love games. Oddly enough, I don't have much time to play modern video games, but I have a great appreciation for the games from the past, specially those that were part of my childhood. By studying and trying to reproduce those experiences I have learned a good deal of programming and software development ideas.


Some flash animations. Now most of my content is interactive and new movies are more likely to appear as part of my games instead of stand alone projects.

And now the mandatory disclaimer. The content in this site has been created, coded and implemented by Iván Rodríguez Asqui, unless otherwise noted. Copyrighted characters and assets are property of their respective owners.

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