My name is Iván Rodríguez and I am the author of this website. You may see some of my works signed as IRA.

This is a site for experimentation. If there is some activity that I find interesting, probably I'll just start a new project to learn about it, and publish the results here.

I've been publishing content since 1998 when I started with a little fan site called Fire Man Vive. As time went on, my interests and projects have shifted, but I always try to publish something that I find either interesting or funny. I also love feedback. So, feel free to contact me at any time and send me your comments.

Here's a little summary of this site's content.


This is perhaps how it all began. When I scanned my artwork for the first time, I rushed to color it and publish it online. I publish new illustrations from time to time.


I love comics and being able to publish something is always exciting. From comedy to drama, or action packed, there’s probably something that you will find interesting. I base some comics on the Mega Man video games series, but of course this is fan content, and it is not endorsed or related with CAPCOM.


I also love video games. Oddly enough, I have little time to play modern video games, but I greatly appreciate the games from the past, specially those I grew up with. By studying and trying to reproduce those experiences, I have learned a good deal of programming and software development concepts.


Some animations I did for learning purposes. Most new animations are contained within games nowadays.

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