Bass Abyss v2.0.0 – Back for good

Bass Abyss is finally back and playable!

With this update, we can finally say farewell to the venerable Adobe Flash Player as it is no longer a requirement to play. Everything you need is a modern web browser. Play on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS with no need for plugins or installers.

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Vile wants to kill X – A Rockman X DiVE comic

A score to settle.
An unlikely team.
Vile wants to kill X.

With that introduction, I bring to you my latest comic.

Read the comic in high quality following this link: Vile wants to kill X.

This comic is a homage to the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin announcement trailer that premiered at E3 2021.

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Game Engine Test – Ruffle support

Continuing with the restoration of existing Flash content, this time I recovered the Game Engine Test experiment.

It not only demonstrated a 2D game engine. This experiment also used to showcase Flash Player 8’s filter and bitmap capabilities. These latter features are not supported by Ruffle right now. So, to make it somewhat interesting, I added a virtual gamepad to facilitate its accessibility on touch screens.

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