The Mysterious Guy – HD Edition

The Mysterious Guy - HD Edition

Welcome to another blast from the past!

The Mysterious Guy is a little Mega Man X parody comic I published back in 2001.

I found the original pages in my archives, so I scanned them at high resolution and cleaned up the script.


A mysterious character has arrived at the Maverick Hunter HQ to deliver an important message. Because of previous mistakes, the Hunters are cautious about taking any new source of information at face value. Will they be able to determine what this visitor’s true intentions are?

Some background information

I think this comic got lost many years ago when I switched hosts. Not sure why I forgot about it, but for some reason, I did not list it again on the comics page.

On a related note, Rockman X DiVE released a Halloween Event featuring Halloween Sigma as one of the new characters. The event had a lighthearted plot, so I thought this was a good time to resume this restoration project and publish it. This was also a tenable request I got on Twitter, so it was high in my TODO list.

I am doing a similar job for my other comics. I will be posting about them in future updates.

Read the comic here.


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