Mega Man X DiVE / Rockman X DiVE

Rockman X DiVE - CBT - COMIC!

Genre: Comedy

Welcome to the Deep Log! Dive in right away and discover the new characters of this virtual world!

Length: 3 pages
Year: 2019

Vile Wants to Kill X

Genre: Comedy

A score to settle. An unlikely team. Vile wants to kill X.

Length: 2 pages
Year: 2021

Gate vs. Alia

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Gate has returned! This time Alia will put an end to his ambitions.

Length: 3 pages
Year: 2022

Deep Log Finale

Genre: Drama

It's the final stage! Based on Stage 20 of the Mega Man X DiVE's story mode. Proceed to read only if you don't mind game spoilers.

Length: 10 pages
Year: 2023

21XX Series

Madness in Red

21XX: Madness in Red

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

The Maverick Hunters are sent on a new mission, but the real threat may be closer than they think.

Length: 76 pages
Year: From Jun 26 2000 to Aug 20 2001

* Thanks to Ulukay

** Thanks to Kansheera

Walk of the Lion

21XX: Walk of The Lion

Genre: Action, Horror, Drama

A lone passerby observes the chaotic events of the Maverick Wars as the world becomes desolated.

Length: 10 pages
Year: 2002

Wings of Will

21XX Apogee: Wings of Will

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Follow Delia, an enthusiastic female Reploid, in her quest to become a Maverick Hunter.

Length: 41 pages
Year: From July 4 2003 to March 13 2004

Short Stories

The Mysterious Guy

The Mysterious Guy

Genre: Comedy

A mysterious visitor has an important message for the Maverick Hunters.

Length: 2 pages
Year: 2001

Time Travel / Chibi Wars

Time Travel / Chibi Wars

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Mega Man X travels to the past to find Dr. Light and save the future!

Length: 7 pages
Year: Jan 2006 to Mar 2006

Fire Man: The Warrior with the Hair of Fire

Fire Man Vs Tengu Man - No Match

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Fire Man has returned. Tengu Man, a Robot Master with superior technology, challenges him to a battle to the death.

Length: 15 pages
Year: Nov 26 1998

The Brothers Meet

Genre: Action, Drama

Mega Man brings Fire Man back home for repairs. The reunion quickly becomes bitter.

Length: 16 pages
Year: Jan 03 1999

Fire Man's Revenge

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Fire Man confronts Dr. Wily and his army of robots.

Length: 19 pages
Year: May 22 1999

The Ultimate Face of the War

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Dr. Wily sends Super Search Man to destroy Mega Man. The stage is set for Fire Man's final battle.

Length: 42 pages
Year: Dec 01 1999