What does the IRA acronym stand for?

Iván Rodríguez Asqui. It's just the initials of my name.

What does IRAGINATION mean?

This site's name is a portmanteau created by combining the words IRA and imagination. It tries to convey the creative nature of this site, but honestly, I mostly thought of it as an easy term for search engines to index and give a good ranking to my site. Apparently it worked fine. Can't remember the address of this site? Just type iragination on your favorite search engine and you'll be here. IRAGINATION is also a general name, one year I may be drawing illustrations, the other developing games. That was the idea. I'm not bound to any specific topic, it's just a collection of personal works.

Wait. Isn't IRAGINATION a Mega Man site?

No. That's not my goal.

Can you answer Mega Man related questions?

Probably not. At best, I know or remember as much of the Mega Man series as any other regular fan you can probably meet on the Internet. Visit the links section for more specialized sites where you can find comprehensive coverage.


What languages do you speak?

My mother tongue is Spanish. You may contact me in either English or Spanish. I can manage in English, however it is a work in progress but I love to practice.

How fast/often will you reply my inquiries?

I'll do my best to reply as soon as I can.

Game troubleshooting

Why can't I see any game or animation?

You need to install the Adobe Flash Player. Get it here. Install it and try again.

What is Flash?

The Flash Player is a browser plug-in that allows you to play Flash content on your browser.

Flash? No way! Steve Jobs told me Flash is bad for the Internet, so I'm not installing it!

That's fine. You'd be missing a good deal of content though.

Just kidding! However, I'm able to play Flash content from any other web sites except yours. What gives?

You might be using an old version of the Flash Player. Please upgrade it and try again. Even worse, your platform may not support Flash at all, which is a common case in mobile platforms like Android and IOS. Finally, you might be using a Flash blocker so check your browser plug-ins and/or extensions.

Ok, the game has loaded, but when the game starts the character doesn't move when I use the keyboard. Why?

Click on the game to gain keyboard focus.

I have a broadband connection. Why does your movie/game run so slow?

Game performance relies only on CPU an RAM available on your system. Try closing other applications.

Are there any tips to improve the speed of the movie/game I'm playing?

Here are several tricks:

Is there a way I can download your movies to play them off-line?

There are browser extensions that allow you to download Flash games or videos. I give no support for these tools so please research them on your own.

That sounds like too much trouble. Can't you just send me the game files to my mailbox?

No, sorry.

I've seen Flash movies packed on EXE files ready to reproduce any time with no need of a web browser. Can you convert your movie/game to an EXE file and place it for download/sent it to my mailbox?

No, sorry.

Is there a way to play your games with a joystick or a gamepad?

Not natively for Flash, but there are workarounds. There are utilities that map gamepad input to keyboard input that Flash games can understand. Search in Google for JoyToKey or similar tools for your platform.

Game Development

Is it easy to make games with Flash?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, it depends of a lot of factors like the type of game you want to make, your current knowledge about programming topics in general and plenty of other disciplines. If you are thinking about making a Mega Man game in a weekend, from scratch, with no previous development experience, the answer is a most certain no.

Can you help me to make a game?

Not for free, sorry. If you need professional services, then contact me.

Is Flash the best tool to make games?

It really depends of what you mean by best. For a quick prototype, it is a really good and reasonable option to put something out relatively quickly and with a good desktop reach. For more specialized requirements you are better off researching specific tools for your needs.

I'm totally clueless about Flash. Can you teach me how to make games?

If you are completely new to programming you have a long way to go and contacting me won't be of any help. However, try the following steps:

Please be advised that we are talking about a time span of months/years here depending of how much time you can devote to this process of learning and practice. As trite as this might sound, it just takes time.

Can you give me your source code and assets?

No, sorry.

Ok, I totally can't do this programming thing, but I have excellent game ideas. Can I still make them somehow?

You may try joining any game related community like Kongregate or Newgrounds. You might find there developers interested in developing your games.

My game is not working, can I send you my source code so you can fix it?

I'm unable to give this kind of support. Sorry.

Can you review my game?

If I'm not too busy, I'll try.


When are you going to make your next game/comic/illustration/update?

When it's done. I try to have fun working on this site. So no stress or hard deadlines.

Using Content

Unless otherwise noted, by content I mean anything like comics, illustrations, games, tutorials, articles. Anything hosted here.

I'm making a website. Can I use your content on it?

First I'd need to check your site. Usually the answer is yes for everything but games. I prefer to host my games. Also I require to be credited as the author of the content and a link back to this site.

Sending Content

Can I send you content to be published on your site?

Currently I can only host artwork (JPG, GIF or PNG files). There are some guidelines though. For something that is too large like games/music but somehow meets the after mentioned guidelines, please, host it yourself and I'll link to it from a suitable place, either from a blog post or a page. I haven't considered to open a derivative works section.

What are the guidelines to get my artwork published on your gallery?

Currently I only upload artwork to the Guest Far Art section.

And you agree with this:

Why do you only take artwork related to your characters, Isn't that like egocentric or something?

Well, I had to create those guidelines in order to keep update rates reasonable. I would not be able to keep up with an all-open gallery of all sort of content even if I wanted. For that you are better off using services like Deviant Art. By keeping the content directed I can provide something that is of interest to this site's audience.

I have artwork ready for you. How do I send it?

The easiest way is to use your e-mail and send it to me as an attachment, with the information required.

Wait. What is all this e-mail, attachment talk? I just have it drawn on paper here in my hands. How do I send it to you?

Well, the details of using a scanner and a e-mail client are beyond the scope of this document. Please ask someone else close to you with access to the required equipment to help you.

What about fanfics? Will you publish them if they are related with your characters?

I'm afraid I don't have a fanfic section neither plan to have one anytime soon.

Online Activities

Will you join my forum/facebook group/mail list/community?

Even if I do, I don't think I'll be very active, which you might find kind of like a let down, so I'd rather not. I'm just too busy.

Do you use Facebook/Whatsapp/IRC or chat in any messaging service? Can I add you to my buddy list?

I use them rarely and mostly for job related purposes. I think email is just fine so fire away!