Fall of 21XX v1.2 – Gamepad Support

Fall of 21XX gets gamepad support and some other usability enhancements.

Major changes

  • Gamepad support.
  • Added Gamepad Settings menu. Buttons can be remapped.
  • The Settings menu can be called at any time during the game.
  • Choose the difficulty right before the game starts.

Read after the break for more details.

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Fall of 21XX v1.1.0 – Easy and Hard mode, plus other game updates

Four IRAGINATION games available in 2021

Hey guys, good news. Most of the games you’ve enjoyed for years are safe and can be played online as usual. I even updated some of them.

Key updates

The following games are all playable and got new versions:

Fall of 21XX v1.1.0

The major change is the introduction of difficulty settings. Just go to the options section to set the difficulty before starting a new game.

Easy Mode changes

  • More lives.
  • Weaker enemies.
  • Enemies do not respawn.
  • Metool fires one shot, and slower.
  • Spikes do not kill at once.

Hard Mode changes

  • Battoon Bone moves faster
  • Metool shots are faster.
  • Bosses take longer to kill.

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Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Hello guys, here’s the first update of Fall of 21XX in 2018. I am trying to keep the release cycles shorter, so instead of one gigantic update every year I have decided this update had some good progress and it should be released.

Notable Updates

  • HD Mugshot Artwork.
  • HD Ending Artwork.
  • Keyboard navigation through most screens.
  • Main menu interface with bullet buttons.
  • Keyboard input for the menu.
  • READY banner.
  • Fixed many bugs in Violen’s attacks.

As usual, code got reorganized and easier to work with.

Well, I still have a long product backlog to go through with, but this is fine for now. Hopefully, you like it and notice all the little details and improvements. Enjoy!

Fall of 21XX v1.0-r4

Yup, just spoiled the bosses.

Hi guys. Well, this update took longer than usual but it is finally here. I present you the first major rewrite of Fall of 21XX, a game that I published back in 2004! Even though I was happy with the results at that time, I knew it was incomplete. This update is not complete either, and I had to make an early cut to provide this update, otherwise, there would be nothing this year. After this I can focus on some other major features I have planned for this game.

While I decided not to change the name of the game and just to bump the version up, I take a holistic view of all these planned updates and call them the Fall of 21XX Redux project.

Notable Changes

  • Increased the number of lives to six.
  • Fixed seams in background tiles.
  • Fixed the spike tiles.
  • Made windows size bigger and user-configurable.
  • Adjustments in the script.
  • Changed the typewriter sound.

Read more after the break if you want to know more details.

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2005 Summary

I’ve been so busy with the rigorousness of the recent backend update that I’ve forgotten to thank everyone for all the support during 2005. Special thanks to Valk for hosting this site during all these years, thanks to all the artists who have sent me their fan art, and thanks to everyone who keeps coming here. Your interest motivates me to keep researching and improving.

This page looks a bit empty, so let’s list here some of the past updates.

Fall of 21XX

Fall of 21XX r2

Fall of 21XX is my take of the MMX gameplay with my engine. I added some optimizations in this version, but then I decided to code new things in new, lighter projects.

Game Engine Demo

Flash 8 Game Engine

With the advent of Flash 8 I started to experiment with its new features in this Game Engine Demo, expanding the flexibility of my engine.

Vile Demo

Vile demo

I also published the Vile demo. In this experiment I was able to expand the map model, giving properties to tiles, and achieving much richer visuals. Also, the melee nature of Vile’s ride armor was implemented nicely. It’s been a great foundation for future projects.

Madness in Red Rescan and Spanish Translation

Madness in Red in Español

Lastly I managed to fully rescan and translate to Spanish Madness in Red, source of many of my most popular characters.

Though these have been very rewarding projects, even for my professional life, I can’t help to note that I could have done a lot more if I weren’t reluctant about getting a new PC for my home where I create most of the site’s content.

Since I was able to do all the critical PC-related activities in my job, I just didn’t stop to think about it, until my old good PC finally died somewhere in October. Now things are different, I got a new PC a couple of months ago, I started to research again and now I’m interested in new things that I want to try and experiment for the site. So, I really expect 2006 to be a better year for all my visitors.

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep an eye on the right column. It always features the latest artwork uploaded to the gallery. It’s very relieving to have all of this automated, otherwise, I’d go nuts with so many pages and files. Happy new year 2006.