Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Hello guys, here’s the first update of Fall of 21XX in 2018. I am trying to keep the release cycles shorter, so instead of one gigantic update every year I have decided this update had some good progress and it should be released.

Notable Updates

  • HD Mugshot Artwork.
  • HD Ending Artwork.
  • Keyboard navigation through most screens.
  • Main menu interface with bullet buttons.
  • New keyboard input dialog.
  • READY banner.
  • Fixed many bugs in Violen attacks.

As usual code got reorganized and easier to work with.

Well, I still have a long product backlog to go through with, but this is fine for now. Hopefully you like it and notice all the little details and improvements. Enjoy!

Fall of 21XX v1.0-r4

Yup, just spoiled the bosses.
Hi guys. Well, this update took longer than usual but it is finally here. I present you the first major rewrite of Fall of 21XX, a game that I published back in 2004! Even though I was happy with the results back then, since then I advised that the game was incomplete. This update is not complete either, and I had to make an early cut to provide this update, otherwise there would be nothing this year. After this I can focus on some other major features I have planned for this game.

While I decided not to change the name of the game and just to bump the version up, I take a holistic view of all these planned updates and call them the Fall of 21XX Redux project.

Notable Changes

  • Increased the number of lives to six.
  • Fixed seams in background tiles.
  • Fixed the spike tiles.
  • Made windows size bigger and user configurable.
  • Adjustments in the script.
  • Changed the typewriter sound.

Read more after the break if you want to know more details.

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Fall of 21XX finally playable on Firefox

Fall of 21XX is now fully playable on Firefox and friends. You no longer have to use Internet Explorer to play it.

Fall of 21XX r3

Back in 2005 when I released Fall of 21XX r2, for some reason the map scrolling didn’t work on Firefox. It was sort of acceptable to say, “Guys, it works well on Internet Explorer, just use that”.

Years later, that statement was getting more and more embarrassing.

So, as I needed a break from Bass Abyss, I decided to take a look at the old Fall of 21XX codebase and fix that bug once and for all. Ok, the initial plan was more ambitious, I set to rewrite the engine, make the game widescreen, and as a whole use the process as a sandbox to try and implement concepts in a small scale to be ported back to Bass Abyss. Obviously such an endeavor would not be ready in an afternoon, but that fix was faster than I expected so,  I decided to publish it.

Have fun and sorry for taking so long in that.