Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

Hello guys, here’s the first update of Fall of 21XX in 2018. I am trying to keep the release cycles shorter, so instead of one gigantic update every year I have decided this update had some good progress and it should be released.

Notable Updates

  • HD Mugshot Artwork.
  • HD Ending Artwork.
  • Keyboard navigation through most screens.
  • Main menu interface with bullet buttons.
  • Keyboard input for the menu.
  • READY banner.
  • Fixed many bugs in Violen’s attacks.

As usual, code got reorganized and easier to work with.

Well, I still have a long product backlog to go through with, but this is fine for now. Hopefully, you like it and notice all the little details and improvements. Enjoy!


5 comments on “Fall of 21XX v1.0-r5

  1. Merlin says:

    Every once in a while I check this website to see if you’re still around and doing stuff. Finding out that you’re still updating a game I really enjoyed in 2004 really made my day and keeps my nostalgic heart beating. I’m glad to see you’re still here, even if it’s not that often. Best wishes to you and your future.

    • IRA says:

      Time sure flies, uh? I work in technology so maintaining this site keeps me busy and interested in web stuff. Updates are slow but I am always around. Cheers!

  2. Bloo42 says:


    i admire your dedication

  3. Uandres Santos de Brito says:

    Um… I’ve been a fan of your games and the Fireman comic for quite some time… A really long time actually, but not that big of a fan >< I just check your site every month for updates and I really like your stuff… And.. Since I've never sent you anything, I want to say now that I really, really like your efforts on the fan-games and wonder if you could do something bigger someday, who knows.
    Well, thanks for the funny days of FMxB and the tough ones of FM:IC and Bass Abyss, looking forward to any updates or stuff about them.
    And… Is it true you have a character on Megaman X Next or am I mistaken?
    Greetings from Brazil.
    Have a good week!

    • IRA says:

      Hi. yes, indeed Delia is a character in Megaman X Next. Honestly I could never finish that game but her sprites were very good. I should ask Maelstormm to let me use those sprites one of these days.

      The games you mentioned had very small maintenance updates not so long ago, but nothing to write home about. I fixed some URLs to HTTPS and that’s about it. I am doing some project clean up on them but I really have to go back to Fall of 21XX. The clock is ticking and Flash will be dead by 2020 so I really want to have at least that game in the best shape possible before Flash goes under.

      Thanks for the comments. Cheers!