Gate vs. Alia – A Rockman X DiVE Comic

Gate vs. Alia


Gate has returned! This time Alia will put an end to his ambitions.

Read the comic in HD quality here:

Gate vs. Alia


This comic is based on a Rockman X DiVE event: Mad Scientist event.

Gameplay video

I liked the event so much that I recorded a gameplay video, which you could consider a prequel to this comic. Yep, Swimsuit Alia storming Gate’s laboratory. Since this is the Deep Log, I guess anything goes.

The stage had all kinds of traps and tricky jumps. Now you can understand why Alia is so angry.


Did you read the comic already? Good, otherwise come back here after reading it.

The Mad Scientist event did not have any storyline, which is a shame. Or maybe this is good. I have always wanted to write something related to the Mega Man X6 events. I have a soft spot for the drama between Gate and Alia, but lack of time or hoping that Capcom would ever tell what happened to Gate after Mega Man X6 prevented me from doing anything of significance. So, this was the perfect opportunity.

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OK, this was a detour of another comic project I am working on. Hopefully, I can start releasing it soon.