Deep Log Finale – A Mega Man X DiVE Comic

Deep Log Finale

This is a comic based on the events of Stage 20 of Mega Man X DiVE’s story mode. Therefore, the comic contains game spoilers. Read it only if you don’t mind them.

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I finished the initial draft of this comic in February 2023, when the end of Mega Man X DiVE’s story mode was released. I thought it was a fair finale and decided to give it a twist to wrap up my own storyline.

Several game-related announcements made me reconsider the timing of publishing this comic. Among them:

  • Mega Man X DiVE announces that it will close operations on Sept/27.
  • Mega Man X DiVE Offline announced.
  • Mega Man X DiVE Offline will miss all the multiplayer modes.
  • Mega Man X DiVE Offline will miss all the collaboration content.

After some minor tweaks, the final comic does not differ much from what I had planned back then. Now that the stream of Mega Man X DiVE news, good or bad, has subsided, I think it’s finally a good time to publish it.

There are no spoilers for Mega Man X DiVE Offline, so if you have completed the online version, this may be safe to read.

Overall, this was a fun little project. It sure was nice to practice a black-and-white comic again.

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