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Quick Fix

Let's try this quick fix. Press the button below. Accept any confirmation prompt from your browser. Done!

Download Flash Player

It still does not work

Support for the Adobe Flash plugin ended on December 2020. Without that plugin, the game you are trying to access will not work. You might work around this issue trying different web browsers and operating systems. Let's consider some of the most common scenarios.

Google Chrome on Windows

This is by far the most widely supported platform. I recommend you to try it.

Mobile Device

Flash content has never been properly supported on mobile devices powered by Android or iOS. Please use a desktop computer.


Check if there is already a warning or popup somewhere in your browser window asking you to allow to run Flash. Just hit Allow.

Still no dice

Without offical support from Adobe for the Flash Plugin, most browser vendors will drop support for it.

There are efforts to to create a Flash emulator to run these games natively in the browser, though. One of them is called Ruffle.

The following games have already been ported to Ruffle and work very well sans some music issues. You just need a modern, up to date web browser. Play these games until this one is fixed.

21XX Opening


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