Mega Man X8 Cover - Super Girls
These don't look like your usual damsels in distress.

Mega Man X (C) CAPCOM.
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Mega Man X8 Cover - Super Girls

These don't look like your usual damsels in distress.

Mega Man X (C) CAPCOM.
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KublaiKhan   [Mar 13, 2005 pm31 07:45 PM]
Very very nice, IRA! Alia's quite the cutie, and with her Alia buster she's gonna crack some skulls! Very Happy
Hazard   [Mar 13, 2005 pm31 10:14 PM]
Wow...Pretty! Razz
CriminalNerd   [Mar 13, 2005 pm31 10:39 PM]
oooo sexy! Razz
Calypso   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 12:44 AM]
That. Is so. AWESOME. *fangirls*
MetalVulcan000   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 02:16 AM]
IRA, You just made Vulcan very happy.
Edda Robo E   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 06:11 AM]
btw IRA Alia's hips came out really good Very Happy
Timestones   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 08:16 AM]
An overall quality piece, IRA. Though I do have one critique, and pretty much that has to do with the "PUFT!" dialogue balloon for Layer. It's really distracting and I feel unnecessary, since we can easily see that Layer is blowing her bangs out of her eyes. Just my two cents.

PS: Don't you mean "damsels in distress?"
Edda Robo E   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 08:35 AM]
He probably does mean Damsel in Distress. English isn't his first language though.
Kaitlin   [Mar 14, 2005 am31 10:58 AM]
IRA   [Mar 14, 2005 pm31 06:24 PM]
Yay, I fixed her saber ... I guess Surprised. Usually I don't go back and fix a pic, but since the saber was a vector mask, I gave it a try. I don't remember where I read the "ladies in disgrace", but I read it somewhere. Maybe it was a pun of that phrase, I wouldn't be too surprised, english is so unreadable ... er, modified on internet nowadays. As for the "puft", I made Layer in that pose specially to have her saying "puft". No puft, no pic Cool
Drago X   [Mar 18, 2005 pm31 07:52 PM]
Ah, I especially admire Alia's structure more than ever now. Not only did those wonderful hips come in a great end result, I love the frazzled, slightly unkept hair. Oh, don't forget the light physics and younger-ish face. Never forget those. Cool
Omega X   [Mar 19, 2005 pm31 01:12 PM]
Did you water color the background? Surprised
Architect   [Mar 21, 2005 am31 10:58 AM]
Very nice you should keep making these covers
ratbat   [Mar 21, 2005 pm31 05:22 PM]
;p rack alert. good show.
Sword Master   [Mar 24, 2005 pm31 01:21 PM]
I like the cover... its real cool them girls went through alot man! Hot Chicks forever! Cool
Cut_Man   [Mar 25, 2005 pm31 07:49 PM]
You mean, Hot REPLOID chicks forever Exclamation
Sky   [Mar 28, 2005 pm31 12:19 PM]
WOW... and now the hot chicks are replacing X and Zero.. (seems like it) and layer looks alot better because of her eyes Very Happy
What the...???   [Jun 11, 2005 pm30 01:43 PM]
your doing more and more better with the glowing colors. will you ever seace to amaze me IRA Wink
Izelion   [Sep 25, 2005 am30 10:39 AM]
Uhm i hope nobody squeezes their squishys... Shocked
ALLU_x   [Oct 13, 2005 am31 08:38 AM]
More these! Their so amazingly cool. Very Happy

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