Dark Side
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Dark Side

BTW, thanks for 200000+ gallery hits.
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IRA   [May 25, 2005 am31 06:54 AM]
I'll admit Emperor's proposal was more realistic. Wait, was it? Rolling Eyes
Yin Lung Huang   [May 25, 2005 am31 07:33 AM]
*Plays the Empire's Theme* Now what? Darth X? Razz
RogueHunterX   [May 25, 2005 pm31 12:48 PM]
Who knew that's all it would take to make X turn evil?
RoboNyanya   [May 25, 2005 pm31 01:47 PM]
I don't get it.
Raziel-chan   [May 25, 2005 pm31 02:53 PM]
Hm... Hearing Yin's comment imagines X in his ultra armor with a black bucket on his head.
Sigma: Sorry... Ran out of budget...
Omega X   [May 25, 2005 pm31 05:28 PM]
gotta love parody's! Laughing
IRA   [May 25, 2005 pm31 07:28 PM]
Robo, that's the point. It's suppossed to be totally unreasonable, like that scene in the movie where ... aw, nevermind XD
Rzx282   [May 26, 2005 am31 05:08 AM]
Hilarious. Reminds me of a comic I saw once, where X went to the dark side just for some cookies... XD
Tomboy   [May 26, 2005 am31 06:07 AM]
Ha! For me, it reminds me of this comic a friend made up with Necro in it similar to this, but just for the plusies! GAH! Does Necro even like Plushies?
Zerathos986   [May 27, 2005 am31 06:52 AM]
o_O Wow, so after so many years of duking it out with Sigma, he finally cracks... Meh, saw it coming. ^_^
What the...???   [May 27, 2005 pm31 09:20 PM]
Sigma: X.... i am your father. X: Really ??? Sigma: no not relly you idiot. (Good one IRA) Very Happy
THE RED DEMON ZER0   [May 27, 2005 pm31 09:25 PM]
Kaitlin   [May 29, 2005 am31 04:53 AM]
Calypso   [May 31, 2005 pm31 09:42 PM]
Aww, X looks so adorable in this! Very Happy
rlrunyon   [Jun 03, 2005 am30 03:14 AM]
You will now be known as... Darth X! Rise. =D
Shadow hunter   [Jun 06, 2005 am30 04:17 AM]
hahah santa claus? lol hileraus
Sky   [Jun 10, 2005 am30 06:24 AM]
like Robo Nyaya,, I dont really get it either Neutral
Cut_Man   [Jun 12, 2005 pm30 09:05 PM]
FRIGGIN' SANTA CLAUS!! :falls on the floor, laughing himself to tears:
project plague   [Jun 20, 2005 pm30 09:19 PM]
thats.. just disturbing...
Duke Marko   [Jul 25, 2005 am31 06:37 AM]
Funny, Why sigma was not dressed as Santa claus? then it could be more funnier.

Comment 7 to 26 of 26
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