My name is Iván Rodríguez a.k.a. IRA.

I created this website in 1998 as a place to learn and upload the results of some personal projects.

I have many interests, and the scope of this website has shifted over the years. Some years I work on comics, others on video games, others I just publish standalone illustrations, and behind the scenes, I work on the backend and server administration of this website. There is really no shortage of things to learn and experiment with. If I think it is a good fit for this website, I will upload it here.

If you find this content interesting or entertaining, share it with everyone. I love feedback, so feel free to contact me and send me your comments.



I love to draw. If I have learned something new, and it is a standalone work probably I will post it here.


This is sequential art presented as a series of pages and a story. Some comics are very long, so set aside some free time in order to relax and go through them properly.

I have added some tags, synopsis, and the number of pages so you can better determine if the content is of your interest.


I love video games. Oddly enough, I have little time to play modern video games, but I greatly appreciate the games from the past, especially those I grew up with. I like to study and reproduce those experiences using modern web technologies. For me, it has been a great way to learn programming concepts.


These are tiny interactive projects. I consider them polished enough to showcase, but not complete enough to be considered full video game projects. I usually add some discussion about what I was experimenting with.


These are animations I did for learning purposes. Animation is great, but it is very time-consuming to produce. Unless it is something I cannot upload to YouTube, perhaps I will host it here.

Check the FAQ for more details.