Ecuador earthquake

Hello Everyone.

As many of you may have heard, on April 16th, 2016, at 6:50 pm a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit my country of residence, Ecuador.

I’m writing this to let you know that I am fine, so does my family and friends. However the situation is terrible for those who were near the epicenter. Complete towns and cities have been devastated, and the human loss is frightening. I’m doing my best to help but to recover from an event of this magnitude is going to take years for my country.

I would have liked to have better news for the first update of the year, and actually I was having very good progress in a game update to be released in a week or two. However the situation is very chaotic at the moment so I’d rather use my time and energy to help in everything I can around here.

To all my visitors, thank you for your letters of encouragement. I feel blessed to be able to be here and to be able to work hard for those in need.

If you would like to help, probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to do it is to spread the word about this event and provide awareness around the world. Ecuador is a very little country so probably this may have gone unnoticed by those who can help. We are going to need the help of the international community at large if we expect to recover anytime soon so any kind of aid will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your support. Be well and pray for us.

Ecuador earthquake: How you can help at CNN

How you can help the survivors of the massive earthquake in Ecuador at Mashable


Bad Box Over 0.9.3

Bad Box Over Level 2

Hello guys. First update of the year, and hopefully not the only one, but well, at least this is a big one.

I recently enjoyed a holiday so I used my time to resume my work on my games. I wanted something simple so Bad Box Over was the best candidate. But as usual, simplicity is an understatement that nobody gets to understand until they sit down and try to code one of these little beasts. Luckily the enjoyment of seeing progress and solving new problems along the way kept me curious and motivated to advance and complete this update.

From the previous teaser ending I knew I wanted to have at least a new level with Bad Box Art Mega Man driving Auto’s truck causing mayhem on the streets. One thing lead to the next, so here’s a brief list of the new features:

  • Improved horizontal scroll and speed up.
  • New Map: Level 2.
  • New Boss battle: DRex.
  • New music and improved music support.
  • Spike support.
  • Truck hit support (this is hilarious).
  • Truck stomp support.
  • Shielded areas.
  • New boss death animation theme.
  • Boss shots.
  • Better pause.
  • Warning banner.
  • Ready banner.
  • Multilevel support (Linear quest).
  • Configurable game scene (map, backgrounds, music, player, boss)
  • Checkpoint, death and resume support.
  • New cut scene.
  • Truck destruction.
  • Item logic. Energy items. Energy load.

I had to stop there for this cut, but as you can see in the new cut scene I have already set me up for  new gameplay elements that will not make the next update any trivial either. Oh well.

I have recorded some videos that you can check if you don’t mind spoilers.

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Bad Box Over 0.9.1

Bad Box Over 0.9.1
Yes!!! A new … um … Bad Box Over update?

Sure thing. Well, I’ve been very busy the past year, switching between multiple projects, improving the workflow and extracting as much game code in a single reusable game framework as possible.

So, at the moment I haven’t been working in one but three games at the same time: Bass Abyss, Bad Box Over and Fall of 21XX. Oddly enough, Bad Box Over is the game were I had the most progress, mostly because recently I had a surge of ideas to get a decent speed on my mobile phone, but so far the results have been very poor. I have more experiments to make, but considering all the clean up and fixes I did to get to this level, for desktop I think it is a very good update. Some changes include:

  • Adjusted the size and positioning of objects in the scene.
  • Replaced some textures with new captured ones.
  • Improved background parallax effect.
  • Many small visual touch ups and fixes.

Probably next time I expect to have a new level or at least a score system. Enjoy my adventures in the world of casual gaming!

Bass Abyss

Hello guys, I’m publishing a brief update. I’ve been doing a lot of maintenance work in the server side code, so I don’t have much to show at the moment. However I had this little Bass Abyss change in store for a while so I decided to publish it now.

When you blow up certain enemies, you’ll see all sort of little fragments flying around. I’ve been a fan of this in Mega Man X games, so I really felt I was missing something every time I blew some enemy up.


Usually you don’t see these fragments within a particular sprite sheet so you have to rip them individually on your own. While on air they switch between visible and invisible, requiring some correct timing to get them all. Collecting all possible fragments of every possible enemy can get quite time consuming, so probably I won’t do this very often, but still, it is nice to have the infrastructure in place in case I feel like doing the job for a certain enemy later on.

Bad Box Over – A parody of Mega Man Xover

Hello everyone. I’ll be very busy this weekend so I’m publishing what I have now.

I heard how much you love Mega Man Xover, so I created a Flash version starred with everyone’s favorite Bad Box Art Mega Man for added fun.

I’ll be posting more in a next update. For now enjoy!

A New Layout – Iragination’s Responsive Site Theme

You might have noticed something different. Yes, Iragination is sporting a new site design. I rolled it out a few days ago. But maybe more intriguing was the fact that I kept complete silence about it during these days. Sorry about that, that’s just how busy I am sometimes. Anyway finally I can sit down and write about this recent change.

Portrait home page. 480×800

Landscape view 800×480.

Is this what have kept me busy since my previous update? Unfortunately yes. I’d like to tell you I’ve been working in something else, but I really don’t have a big update for Bass Abyss or something else just yet. This was something I had to get out of the way first, it was a pretty big deal to get it done so I won’t let it go as some casual change. I have to make a big fuss about it to feel better.
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