Bass Abyss 1.0 – Mega Man X Giga Armor

My previous update already described a lot of the new content I release in this one, so if you don’t want to wait anymore go play Bass Abyss now!

For more details of this update and interesting tidbits, just read on.

Legendary Level 19

After years of wondering what happened after level 18, I finally did enough engine changes to feel the need to make new levels. Yeah, it is Boomer Kuwanger’s stage remixed, but well, it started as a proof of concept, and it grew a lot from there. I’m not the most creative person when it comes with level layouts, but I really love to see what others do.


Mega Man X Giga Armor

I love that armor. I always loved the X2 Buster. Back then, when I noticed it would do double damage to a boss if both shots connected. The image got imprint in my mind forever.


Originally, Fall of 21XX was meant to be played using that armor. X-Hunters vs X2 Armor. I ripped the sprites from back then. Soon enough, reality hit me. It was too complex to implement. I barely managed to solve the wall climb. Anything else was going to take too much time and, as an extension of the Fire Man Incoming Storm engine, I already had reached its limits. I knew I wouldn’t accomplish too much and a complete rewrite was required soon. That rewrite would be in a new project, Bass Abyss.

In retrospective, now I realize how improbable it would have been for me to reach the goal if I had persisted. I just didn’t have the infrastructure, knowledge and time I do have now. When I saw the chance to do it on Bass Abyss, I was not going to let the opportunity pass. So, at long last, the Giga Armor is playable!

You’ll notice that for this release, something is still missing. If you saw the video of my previous post, at the very end I release the Giga Crush. Well, for this update I didn’t have the time to implement the proper charge logic, but it will be ready for the next update in August.


What does the 1.0 mark mean?

Not much. Ok, I had hoped it would be a full, functional, bug free game, like the good console games of old. At some point I was really aiming to that.

As praiseworthy as this sounds, sometimes this is not too realistic. Sometimes it is better to ship early, ship often, and fix bugs as you go. Experience with other products like Windows Update, WordPress and many other software products with infrastructure to update themselves, indicates that an approach where patches and updates are easily delivered is more realistic. Sure, Bass Abyss is nowhere near as complex as those projects, but in my case the problem is the time I can devote to it. So, this has been the more pragmatic way for me to deliver from time to time. Get to some complete state, and ship.

I do consider I have reached an interesting milestone with this release. Camera transitions, rooms, doors, new level editor. Foundation wise, it was huge. But still, there’s a lot of stuff I want to do. So, I’d better let go the 1.0 full complete release goal, and start to grow from here.

For the next update:

  • Giga Crush
  • Level Editor

Have fun!