Levels! Lots of new custom levels!

The new room functionality was a success. And while I haven’t published the new level editor, during these days I’ve worked with Scorpion and Hunter, explaining them the new features and helping them to create new levels. The results are amazing! Long, challenging and fun levels, making extensive use of rooms and activators. There are several new tile sets and enemies too!

As usual, they manage to push the engine to its limits. Usually they manage to expose bugs and I fix them right away so the game is now even faster than before.

To play these levels, just go to the Custom Level section and browse the level list!

Ok, here are some screenshots:

Factor 6 – Insylum by Scorpion

Factor 7 – Tirociri by Scorpion

Factor 8 – Ground Zero Homage by Scorpion

Factor 9 – Terror Fill by Scorpion

Renewed Ground Zero by Scorpion

Hunter #1 by Hunter

Hunter #2 by Hunter

Well, this took all my attention since my last post, but Giga Crush and the updated level editor should be coming soon!