More new levels

Alright guys, I was holding back this update until I was sure everything was working seamlessly. It was absolutely worth it. Scorpion has finished four new levels and again I’m quite impressed of the length, detail and beauty of some of them. New tiles, new backgrounds, new music, and even a boss battle!

Here are a plethora of screenshots.

Factor 10 – Scorpion’s Laboratory

Factor 11 – Aczer

Factor 12 – Jackalys

Final Factor – Scorpion’s Laboratory II

As you can see I had to use my top tier characters to beat them because some levels are really hard. Deadly jumps and traps everywhere. Besides I’m such a boss using Samus!

They are available in the custom level section. Go check them out!

The Level Editor is taking longer to publish than I expected. Now it supports things that even I hadn’t envisioned for this game, like dual direction doors. You can see them in Final Factor.

While many of these features have been coded in upon request, I’m still wondering if the way I implemented them was the best and make it final, or give it more thought before documenting something that might get obsolete soon. Decisions, decisions, oh well.