Mega Man X First Armor

For the first update of 2012, Bass Abyss introduces the Mega Man X First Armor.

The Mega Man X First Armor

The First Armor made its debut in the original Mega Man X for Super Nintendo in 1993. As a fan of the series from those early years, it has always been my goal to have this armor playable in one of my games and finally it is here


Here are some screenshots not only showcasing the armor but also its magnificent Charge Shot.


Just select the First Armor from the character selection screen. No need to collect armor parts as in the original Mega Man X game. The full armor is available at once.

To obtain the effect of the fully Charged Shot you need to hold the attack button for a little longer. You’ll also notice a brief red energy shield that surrounds X when the shot is released. Use this to your advantage to inflict massive damage to those enemies that are close to you.

As you can tell from the screenshots, I love the First Armor Charge Shot. When I played the original Mega Man X back in the day, I used to dash to the enemies and unleash the fully loaded buster right into their faces.

I just find this Charge Shot way more brutal for this kind of close attack. With the Giga Armor buster, you can still do quite a lot of damage when both shots connect, staying safely away from the enemies, but this one actually is more effective when you are really at close range. Ah, good times. I tried to reproduce this fun the best I could, but there’s still room for improvement.

Happy New Year!