Bass Abyss 1.0.5

I just pushed a maintenance update to Bass Abyss. It is related to the First Armor buster. A memory leak that I had left unchecked and probably caused the game to slow down over time.

Recently I’ve been using a computer with better specs for development. That’s fine and all, but problems with performance are not easily spotted anymore. Now I’m really concerned about publishing code that will perform very badly on more modest hardware. I resisted upgrading for a while for this reason.

I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t require me to have another, slower computer next to me to test every time, which would not be very efficient. I neither saw any problem running the game on this computer, nor in the quick tests I do at my office, but I did see the slowdown by accident when I ran the game on a virtual machine (Flash on Firefox on a Linux Mint virtual machine). That’s not too bad, I’m actually fine with that workflow.

Now that I remember, there are some other bug fixes and balancing for the First Armor X that I did weeks ago. Sorry, a lot of little changes are made between distant sessions. I can’t really remember every detail when I update, but probably you’ll notice the little differences here and there.

As usual, make sure to clear your cache to see the changes.