Bad Box Art Mega Man in Bass Abyss

Joke’s on you, Capcom. I’m releasing a playable Bad Box Art Mega Man before you. And it was ridiculously easy to do it. Who is laughing now?

To access him on Bass Abyss just select Mega Man and then Bad Box Art Mega Man. So, Mega Man is now a new page. I’m considering to move there the other 8-bit characters, just because the main character page is getting too cluttered. But maybe later.

And here’s the sprite sheet edit I did. Please don’t bash it much, I’m not very good at pixel art.
Original sprite edit. Do not steal.

This was a really quick hack. Don’t expect anything exceptional about this character. No new weapons. Nothing. I didn’t even made him an opening because this concept simply didn’t exist a few days ago. Seriously, writing this post took a lot more time than placing the character in the game. Consider this an anomaly in response to current events, but I’m done with it and now I’m back to my normal schedule.

I feel like writing. Would you like to read more about this?

After the announcement of Bad Box Art Mega Man as a playable character for Street Fighter vs Tekken, I couldn’t help to ponder about it during these days. Even the Iphone MMX remake didn’t make me bother with a response.

Well, probably I should join the ride and draw Mega Man in an ever more hideous way? I didn’t feel like drawing old fat guys. Going to the opposite direction and draw a manly representation would be fine then? But that would take time that I’d rather devote to other things, it would feel forced, and it is not like I’m fond of this Mega Man version. I don’t know anything about him after all.


Whatever merits Capcom thinks this joke has, at least they got people talking about it. That’s fine, I guess. Now that a new younger generation is taking over management, should I expect to see a Pantless Mario by Nintendo? Or how about a Homeless Hobo Sonic by Sega. Something tells me that’s very unlikely to happen. Hey, but I’m no one to tell Capcom how to manage their intellectual property. Have fun guys.

The good thing is that we can always pretend this is some alternate universe Mega Man, and most likely that’s the actual case. In the end, this series is famous for its various timelines and universes completely unrelated, so there’s no way I can get too worried for this or anything.

Then it got me. Say, under a different management, or under a different universe if you like, what if Capcom America in 1987 were to take seriously the bad art box Mega Man (and all the bad box covers) and did a real game based on these concepts. A new series spinoff, with an original storyline, western scifi artwork, etc. And that’s how I got the idea that a good response should be in game form. I have the engine anyway. Yeah, I was ambivalent about how the game should be, parody or serious, parody or serious. Well, it would be a great parody to make a game with these concepts very seriously.

So I started to sketch around. Of course endless ideas came to me. But the thing was too ambitious and I really don’t want to spend too much time on this when I’m already busy with other projects. So to get that out of my system I decided to make Bad Box Art Mega Man playable in Bass Abyss. A start would be the sprite sheet anyway.

But if I were to make a game, to keep it true to the 1987 era, I’ll just use the same Robot Masters with palette swaps here and there. I’d set the history to happen in the space, kind of like Metroid. An Bad Box Art Meg Man would defeat the Robot Masters in some futuristic planet in another galaxy. How is that for some old school science fiction themed game?


Hope you got some inspiration with this and if you want to make your own Super Bad Box Art Mega Man Adventure TM, go for it!

As usual clear your cache to download the latest changes in the game. Have fun!

No Mega Man game is complete without some engrish