Bass Abyss

Hello guys, I’m publishing a brief update. I’ve been doing a lot of maintenance work in the server-side code, so I don’t have much to show at the moment. However, I had this little Bass Abyss change in store for a while so I decided to publish it now.

Enemy fragments

When you destroy certain enemies, you’ll see all sorts of little fragments flying around. I’ve been a fan of this in Mega Man X games, so I really felt I was missing something every time I blew some enemy up.


These fragments do not usually come within a particular sprite sheet so you have to capture them on your own. They switch between visible and invisible, which requires some patience to get them all.

Collecting all possible fragments of every possible enemy is time-consuming, so probably I won’t do this very often. It is nice to have the infrastructure in place, though, in case I feel like doing the same job for other enemies later on.