Vile Demo running in Ruffle

Vile Demo

The Vile Demo is a small demonstration of a 2D game engine I published many years ago. It has neither an actual end nor game objectives. When the most popular web browsers dropped support for the Flash Player earlier this year, it was rendered unplayable. Now, thanks to Ruffle and some code maintenance, you can play it again.

There are some other game updates after the break.

Audio fixes in several games

In my previous update, I mentioned that I had to make changes in the music logic to accommodate for Ruffle’s lack of support of certain sound APIs. In recent versions of Ruffle this is no longer an issue, so I reverted those workarounds.

Affected games are:

The experience should be now closer to the original one.

Vile Demo fixes

Back to the Vile Demo, I did have to make some adjustments in the code. The fix was puzzling though. The logic that loaded assets did not behave the same in Ruffle as in Flash Player. At least I found a way to fix this problem.

I was holding off on spending time fixing this demo because I am most concerned about getting Bass Abyss working again. That codebase is much more complex. After the experience of fixing the previous games, my strategy was to wait for a new version of Ruffle that would get the game running nicely with little intervention on my part. That plan does not seem to be working out very well, as months have passed, and the game is still breaking with recent versions of Ruffle. Honestly, I don’t want to make any fixes that I have to revert later because a new version of Ruffle made that work unnecessary, and it would have been better to wait.

Fixing the Vile Demo was a starting point to determine what could possibly be breaking Bass Abyss. Apparently, it is not the logic that paints the map since I got it to work in the Vile Demo. At least, I can now focus on other parts of the engine that are exclusive to Bass Abyss.

Overall, this was a very fun little project, and getting the demo to run on any mobile device with a modern browser is always interesting. Perhaps with a bit of luck, I can get Bass Abyss working again in some capacity sooner than later. Go on and give it a try!

Video demonstration