One Tap Dash

It was brought to my attention that on Bass Abyss the dash move is not canceled when the Dash key is released.

I was going to advise that that’s how the game should work. Nevertheless, I decided to check first, and to my surprise, in the SNES version of Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, the dash and the air dash are both canceled when the dash key is released. I didn’t check any other more recent version.

This prompted a pressing investigation. I started to wonder, where did I get the idea of the one-tap dash?

Different Dash mechanics

Since this game started with Bass, apparently I took the convention from Mega Man and Bass. There, a single button tap will make Bass do a full-length dash.

Then I started to test how the gameplay would be affected if I enabled the canceled dash with X. While the experience got closer to the SNES version, I noticed some unwanted stress in my finger having to hold the dash key to get the full dash distance.

A new setting

In the end, I decided this should be a setting. By default the game will behave as usual, a single tap will make the whole dash.

But If you’d like to turn this off, press ENTER to access the options page. A new setting called One Tap Dash is there where you can toggle it. This setting will be persisted between sessions.

Here’s a picture highlighting the location of the setting.

Well, that was a quick fix. Lately, I’ve been holding features in favor of usability changes. I’ve been devising a way where you don’t have to clear your browser cache every time I push an update. It is in place now and it is experimental, so I’ll keep polishing it a bit more.

Have fun!


6 comments on “One Tap Dash

  1. Visitor says:

    Hi, i’ve played your Bass Abyss game and i find somewhat rare about the megaman X characters:while i press de charge button (attack) and the dash button at the same time, pressing the jump button doesn’t work, making a dash jump while charging impossible ¿is an error of the game? if not, maybe is my keyboard the ona ha don’t work. Greetings, and congratulations for the good game.

    • IRA says:

      Hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, it is probably a hardware problem. I’ve experienced it myself. During development I have tried many keyboards and never had any problem, but last year I decided to change my old Logitech wireless keyboard. When shopping around I picked up a wireless General Electric one, it just had very soft keys compared to the other ones available there.

      To my surprise I noticed I could not do any sort of Dash+Move+Shot combination, essentially, any Ctrl+Key+Shift combination was not being registered.

      This was not exclusive of Bass Abyss. Being a Photoshop user, I use to do a lot of “Save for Web” commands. This requires a Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S, but to my disdain this not detected by Photoshop at all with this keyboard. I had expected I wouldn’t have to be worried about this when shopping modern keyboards, but now it is something I seem to have to consider besides looks or ergonomics.

  2. Pablo6691 says:

    Hello, good game, but mi computer suffer a extreme lag in the mancubus part of level 19, even disabling all the graphic options, the lag continues ¿there is a form to make that part less heavy?

    • IRA says:

      Apparently I introduced a bug in the last update. It happens when you kill one of the Crushers in the previous room. I’ll check this out.

    • IRA says:

      I just fixed it. The bug fired even early on the sky section. That’s why it was really hard for me to notice. Thanks for the heads up!