Bad Box Over 0.9.1

Bad Box Over 0.9.1

Yes!!! A new … um … Bad Box Over update?

Sure thing. Well, I’ve been very busy the past year, switching between multiple projects, improving the workflow, and extracting as much game code in a single reusable game framework as possible.

So, at the moment I haven’t been working in one but three games at the same time: Bass Abyss, Bad Box Over, and Fall of 21XX. Oddly enough, Bad Box Over is the game where I had the most progress, mostly because recently I had a surge of ideas to get a decent speed on my mobile phone, but so far the results have been very poor. I have more experiments to make, but considering all the clean-up and fixes I did to get to this level, for desktop I think it is a very good update. Some changes include:

  • Adjusted the size and positioning of objects in the scene.
  • Replaced some textures with newly captured ones.
  • Improved background parallax effect.
  • Many small visual touch-ups and fixes.

Probably next time I expect to have a new level or at least a score system. Enjoy my adventures in the world of casual gaming!