Developer Blog: Bass Abyss Mega Man X Third Armor – PREVIEW

Hey guys, this is a quick post to share what I am working on. Yes, the Mega Man X3 Third Armor is coming to Bass Abyss in the next update.

I do not usually do preview posts, but this is almost completed. I’ve been working on this for the most part of November. After the closed beta test of ROCKMAN X DiVE, we all have been patiently waiting for the final release somewhere before this year ends (I guess? Nope). However, they seem to be very busy publishing memes (just kidding, I love your hard work guys), and not sure about you but I really wanted to experience some more of that awesome Mega Man X gameplay. So, since this has been on my to-do list for way too long and I noticed a gap in my schedule, I set out to do it.

A Short Demo

Without further ado, here’s a quick demo I recorded for this post. You can see the progress so far. With this progress, I am very confident I will be publishing this really soon.

The Special Intros

If you have been following Bass Abyss you know there were special intros for the previous Mega Man X armors. I did not add them in game-chronological order though. I started with my favorite one which is the Mega Man X2 armor. This was released back in August 2011. This has been always my favorite intro. You can see it here:

That intro was up there for about six months. Expecting to be on a roll, I added the Mega Man X First Armor in January 2012. This is the intro that many of the new players have seen since it’s been up there for nearly 7 years! Now that was very unfortunate, but time flew while I focused on other projects, and that tense music is not really welcoming after a nice session of blowing up stuff, especially when compared with the Giga Armor intro which is really upbeat. Really, it might have sounded appropriate at the time, but that music was not supposed to be up there for that long.

In case you really want to hear it once more here’s a capture.

Now finally I can wrap this up as intended with the inclusion of the Third Armor intro. This is how I expected this batch of intros to end before moving on to some other game or character.

Apparently, I have had some attempts to add the Third Armor during these years. Either that or finish the game. But honestly, I got completely distracted by other projects.

Level 19 Playthrough

Anyway, here’s a longer gameplay demo. I will not have time to add a new level but going through the current ones should be a nice warm-up.

As you can see I have yet to implement the Defense Shield. Still not sure. I would do it only as an exercise and for completeness, but this armor is way too powerful already. For now, it is not planned any of the enhancement chips or Zero Saber. So far with Vertical Dash and Cross Charge Shot, it will be a breeze to beat the levels, but well, let’s see. December is a very busy month, but it is a safe bet I will be making this release very soon.