Bad Box Art Mega Man in Bass Abyss

Joke’s on you, Capcom. I’m releasing a playable Bad Box Art Mega Man before you. And it was ridiculously easy to do it. Who is laughing now?

To access him on Bass Abyss just select Mega Man and then Bad Box Art Mega Man. So, Mega Man is now a new page. I’m considering to move there the other 8-bit characters, just because the main character page is getting too cluttered. But maybe later.

And here’s the sprite sheet edit I did. Please don’t bash it much, I’m not very good at pixel art.
Original sprite edit. Do not steal.

This was a really quick hack. Don’t expect anything exceptional about this character. No new weapons. Nothing. I didn’t even made him an opening because this concept simply didn’t exist a few days ago. Seriously, writing this post took a lot more time than placing the character in the game. Consider this an anomaly in response to current events, but I’m done with it and now I’m back to my normal schedule.

I feel like writing. Would you like to read more about this?
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Bass Abyss 1.0.5

I just pushed a maintenance update to Bass Abyss. It is related with the First Armor buster. A memory leak that I had left unchecked and probably caused the game to slow down over time.

Recently I’ve been using a development system with better specs. That’s fine and all, but problems with performance are not easily spotted anymore. Now I’m really concerned about publishing code that will perform very bad on more modest hardware. I resisted to upgrade for a while for this reason.

I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t require me to have another, slower pc next to me to test every time, sincerely what a bother. I could not see any problem running the game on this pc, nor in the quick tests I do in some other office very rarely, but I do saw the slowdown by accident when I ran the game on a virtual machine (Flash on Firefox on a Linux Mint VM). That’s not too bad, I’m actually fine with that workflow.

Um, now that I remember, there are some other bug fixes and balancing on First Armor X I did weeks ago. Sorry, a lot of little changes are made between distant sessions, I really can’t remember every detail when I update, but probably you’ll notice the little differences here and there.

As usual make sure to clear your cache to see the changes.

More new levels

Alright guys, I was holding back this update until I was sure everything was working seamlessly. It was absolutely worth it. Scorpion has finished four new levels and again I’m quite impressed of the length, detail and beauty of some of them. New tiles, new backgrounds, new music, and even a boss battle!

Here are a plethora of screenshots.

Factor 10 – Scorpion’s Laboratory

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Giga Crush!

September already? Oh well, this took longer than I expected, but I ran into some bugs while preparing this update of Bass Abyss, so I fixed them.

I didn’t really have the time to study a lot the original Giga Crush mechanics from Mega Man X2. So I just went with some simple formula. You get hit, it loads a bit. Once fully loaded, you can use it. The way to check the current level or use it is to switch to it, as another weapon. For this the usual DELETE, PAGE DOWN keys are used.

Now, it took me a while to get used to it. Out of habit, I kept pausing the game expecting to see the X2 Weapon Screen to check the Giga Crush level. This got me thinking, it would be really nice to have it. But well, I was not going to have the time to do it. I really don’t have any plans to add any more weapons anyway, so I decided against it.

Now I’ll take it easy and keep fixing bugs before I release the level editor. Be sure to blast everyone to oblivion with this weapon. This version does work on bosses! Have fun!

Levels! Lots of new custom levels!

The new room functionality was a success. And while I haven’t published the new level editor, during these days I’ve worked with Scorpion and Hunter, explaining them the new features and helping them to create new levels. The results are amazing! Long, challenging and fun levels, making extensive use of rooms and activators. There are several new tile sets and enemies too!

As usual, they manage to push the engine to its limits. Usually they manage to expose bugs and I fix them right away so the game is now even faster than before.

To play these levels, just go to the Custom Level section and browse the level list!

Ok, here are some screenshots:

Factor 6 – Insylum by Scorpion

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